Quantum-Source is music!

Incepted by Zamise circa 1995.

Special thanks goes out to members AlphaShard and IronPig.

Thanks to BackwardsRecords.com for the best gigs in our local scene!

Its considered electronic/Industrial/Drum & Bass, not a genera regularly heard even on independent stations. It seems to be a catchy name, people seem to take to it well, and it also sounds very industrious and futureistic, like some sort of radical- seeking, technologically-oriented, componant-manufacturing, comercialized-corporation.

For the last several years QS has done many live performances in locations across the Denver Metro area, and is still willing to perform if and when schedule permits. You can email Zam1-se@Quantum-Source.com (minus a minus) if intrested in booking. We would love to have a label or sponsors throw something our way too, QS is not "signed" and currently produced independently.

Hope this is a decent introduction to Quantum-Source for anyone of the two or three people who may be curious. Anything else Zamise is game to hear from ya!

Current kit/gear list as of 6/02/09:

Compaq Presario 700Z Notebook
Toshiba Satelite Notebook

Laserpod (MIA/Stolen)

SoundBlaster Extagy
Sony studio phones
Shure mic /w Stand
3 Proformance Audio Technica mics
B52s Pro. Matrix Speaker System /w custum stands
Eurorack MX 1084x mixer
Yamaha KM802 mixer
Yamaha MW10 mixer
DBX 266xl Gate/Limiter /w side chain

Yamaha RS7000
Roland MC505 (Sold to good home)
Radikal Tech. Spectralis
Yamaha AN1X
Yamaha CS-15
Roland JP-8080 (Sold)
Yamaha CS2X
Yamaha DX7s (Sold)
Alesis Micron
Yamaha QY70
Roland tb-303
ARP Odyssey MkII
Formanta Maestro
Oberheim OB-SX
Yamaha RX5 (Sold)
Yamaha RS7000 (High Studio's)
E-Mu ESynth (High Studio's)
Korg Electribe EMX-1 (High Studio's)
Novation X-Station (High Studio's)
Freak-n-Speak bent T.I. Speak & Spell
T.I. Speak & Spell bent by Fastmatt
Grand Prix KB810 bent by Zamise
MusicStar midi controller modded by Zamise
Yamaha PS-3 (Given away and will be missed)
Yamaha CX5M

Korg KP2
Korg KP2 (High Studio's)

American DJ TTB-1500 /w Disc Master head

A cluttered media library


Most digital recordings are cut, mildly edited, and encoded using CoolEdit2000. Ocasionaly Cakewalk Pro 9.0 & CEPro, Magix Music Maker 11 Deluxe along with some other various softwares. & who knows what all else?